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Fight spam on your Telegram group with hCaptcha

December 5, 2019

Telegram has become an increasingly popular chat option, boasting hundreds of millions of monthly users. However, popular Telegram groups are bombarded by spam due to a lack of built-in protections.


In our attempt to make the internet a safer and more pleasant place, we are introducing a public Telegram bot for Telegram group admins to keep spammers from joining and participating in your conversations.

It is an easy-to-use addition to a group that requires new users who wish to comment in your group to first pass a hCaptcha challenge.

How to start using it

1. Invite the bot to your group and give it admin permissions.

2. Ask the bot to restrict the group. It does not start restricting users until you enable it.

3. New users joining will be asked to solve a hCaptcha before they are allowed to chat.

Check out the supplemental videos below to see the complete workflows.

How can I see it in use?

Join our informal Telegram group to see it in action.

What users joining see

How can I run my own hCaptcha protection bot?

  1. Sign up on to get your sitekey & secret keys.
  2. Follow deployment steps inside the project repository:

How does it work?

How the bot works


Your patches and contributions to this project are welcome: just open up a pull request on GitHub.

We hope you enjoy this new service!

— the hCaptcha Team

Supplemental Videos:

1. Complete Admin Workflow

2. Complete User Workflow

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